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Why does progress seem so hard?

I was watching this movie the other day on the way home from a trip with the family. It got me thinking about the ability to remake your life and what the process actually looks like.

Have you seen the movie Daddy Day Care? If not, let’s do a quick recap. Eddie Murphy and a co worker are laid off from their jobs. This results in their becoming stay at home dads while on the employment hunt. In the mean time, we see that their community has little options for daycare. There is basically an overpriced hoity toity daycare or pretty much crap. So, Eddie Murphy and his coworker decide to open up their own daycare, thinking it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Little did they know, there were many wonderfully funny trials along the way to becoming successful day care.

It made me think about my desire to make some career changes/life changes. It seems easy and some parts may be, but not all of it is. There are challenges along the way that seem insurmountable. However, these challenges do not have to be where it ends. The reason Eddie Murphy was able to make that change successful was because he did not give up. When challenges presented themselves, he got creative and figured out how to keep moving forward. I know it is only a movie, but come on. Don’t you see the parallels? When we want to make a change, there will be trials. These can be hard and seem impossible. However, they can also be the way to move forward and reach our goals.

Take a minute and think through a few things:

-What are your goals (don’t filter yourself……all the goals, big, small, personal, business….all of them)

-What is keeping you from taking steps in that direction? (again, don’t filter, but let your mind and heart be honest. What are those things you tell yourself that keep you from making that call? Putting yourself out there? Starting that conversation?)

-What is life like now that you have met those goals? (come on, use your imagination. Answer this as if you have done it already)

Want to chat more about what this looks like, feel free to shoot me an email and sign up for my email list.

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