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5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

I'm sure you have heard so many ways to show love to yourself, but it is just hard to keep them going. Here are 5 simple ways you can work on loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved, because let's be honest, you deserve i.

1. Write a gratitude list.....simple, short, long and extreme. It does not matter. What does matter is taking time for appreciation. Some days this is easier than others, but find one thing. So how is this loving myself? Because expressing gratitude creates a shift in our perspective and we start noticing more of the great things around us (and about us) which helps our mood.

2. Set up boundaries! Take back your schedule by saying, "no," when needed instead of giving into every people pleasing impulse. It is okay to NOT do something you are asked to do. Read that again. Breath a sigh of relief. You are not the savior of the world. You are not responsible for every child in your kid's classroom and do not have to bring snacks every week or supplies every time your kid says 'hey mom, Mrs. Teacher said we are out of dry erase markers.' Sometimes you just need a break and that's okay! Protect that.

3. Get alone and talk to yourself. We are so often bombarded with noise that we do not have much time to just be alone. Take a few minutes to be alone in peace and quiet. Journal about where you are and where you want to be. What are those dreams and desires you have hidden in your heart? Give yourself the freedom to explore them and light up that creative motivation. DON'T JUDGE! No failure talk here, just acknowledging and exploring.

4. Take care of yourself physically. Whatever this looks like for you. Sometimes it really is as simple as staying hydrated. (switch out some of that coffee for water....I know, I'm said it. But, I'm talking to myself with this one too.)Get up and go to the gym, for a run, for a walk or just do some basic in home exercises. Youtube is amazing for short and simple workouts for all levels. When we feel better physically, we feel better mentally. Be sure to tell yourself, "yeah, I did that. I'm a beast,".....or your own version. Notice how good it feels to take a step toward feeling better physically and praise yourself for it because it is hard sometimes.

5. Be in the moment. Focus on where you are right now. Not the past. Not the future. Just in this moment. Fully engage with whatever task you are doing. Working, laundry, playing with your children, taking a shower, eating.....whatever. Be there. Notice how it feels to be in the moment with yourself and others. Appreciate when you are doing something well and take time when you are feeling strained. Do this without judgment. No one is perfect and neither are you. We are all fallible humans with limited ability. Take comfort in don't have to be 'on' all the time. Just be. That's all anyone

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