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Be Elf-ish this season

Enjoy This Moment!!!

Here we go. ::deep sigh:: The holiday season is upon us and holds great potential.

What comes to mind when you hear that? Potential for family bonding? Family feuds? Potential for relaxation? For stress? Potential for taking time for what is important? For debt?

So many things!!! While sometimes it feels like we are fighting to survive the holidays, I want to challenge you to intentionally enjoy the holidays. Yes, that’s right. ENJOY them. That may be easier for some, but for those who struggle to find some sort of joy let’s spend just a minute finding moments of joy.

First, list out some things you are thankful for or appreciate. It is very difficult to show gratitude and contempt at the same time. Once we start to shift perspective to notice what we are thankful for, those negative aspects tend to decrease.

Second, make time for yourself. You do not have to do EVERYTHING or go to EVERY event. Take time to do something you enjoy and really be in the moment. Pay attention to where you are and be there fully.

Last, embrace boundaries. The holiday season is often a time we get off schedule and loose sight of boundaries. This can be true related to over eating, lack of exercise, over drinking, or stretching ourselves thin financially. Plan ahead what goals you have and how to maintain a sense of healthy boundaries so you do not get sucked into the excess.

Oh yeah, that sounds easy. Well, it may not always be easy, but it does get easier when you are consistent. So, I challenge you, and myself, to take pleasure in these little ways and enjoy this holiday season.

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